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Wi-Fi and 10G/100G Network


The latest AX Wi-Fi 6 standard with improved signal, better bandwidth efficiency, and higher security allows a maximum 1.2Gbps speed for a device connection which is faster than the existing 1Gbps network backbone of most of the offices.  In a large carnival camp or a big exhibition hall, hundreds or even thousands of participants may use the Wi-Fi at the same time, so these sites’ network must be running Wi-Fi 6 with the 10G/100G backbone to satisfy the customers. 


As shown in the web page banner, many organizations would have similar interior design that with multiple rooms for different functions and include both the cable network and the wireless network, the latest Wi-Fi 6 standard and the 10G/100G standard should be adopted to improve the efficiency and productivity of the organizations. 


Now you can borrow our Meshed Wi-Fi 6 routerssystem, 10G network cards, 10G network switch, 10G PC/Server, and other 10G network equipment to do tests, and experience the high performance and efficiency of a 10G network when compared with the existing 1G network.  We will propose several scenarios for you and your IT staff to carry out the 10G tests and their applications for your daily work.


According to customers’ requirements, for each upgrade or installation, we could do the resilient plan for business continuity according to the latest technological standards and the appropriate solutions for the customers. 


Our company’s Monthly Highlight discusses different topics on the 10G/100G network such as why it is needed, its applications on various industries, and its specific deployments for some unique local businesses. 


Our company has 8 years’ experience in 10G/100G network deployment, please contact us if you are interested in the network upgrade and would like to know more.

Latest Highlight


*   From Feb to Nov 2023, our Monthly Highlight on the 10G/100G network will be looking from the view of professionals from critical business areas to show why 10G/100G network should be adopted in modern working environments and our living communities *


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