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Accessibility Toilet


Our company started the toilet design business due to the following causes :-

*     As one of the famous tourism cities, business hubs, financial centres, and International cities with the belief of caring for the weak and the needy, all our accommodation facilities should be equipped with Accessibility Toilets of the modern standard with the essential eco-friendly elements to support those staff, visitors, and clients/customers in need.  Not only those in need get their necessary service, all other visitors and tenants will be impressed. 

*     When people are on wheelchairs no matter whether it is due to Ageing, Hurt, Disease, or Natural Syndrome, they would expect to have modern-form Accessibility Toilets with the essential eco-friendly support elements at their ‘homes’.  Not only their living and health condition will be improved, the workload of the people that take care of them will be reduced, the society’s medical cost and operating cost will also be reduced. 

*     In Hong Kong most of our home are only with single toilet, one of our company’s specializations is to design to add one more bath spot and one more flushing toilet for them so as to greatly improve the living standard of all these families.  As Hong Kong becomes an aging society, one of the toilets of these families has to be a modern standard Accessibility Toilet with the essential eco-friendly elements.


Latest Highlight


*   Whether you want to upgrade your company’s accessibility toilet to the ECO-friendly modern standard, or want to have a tailor-made modern accessibility toilet at your home, or want to add one more bath spot and toilet tub to improve the living standard, please contact us *

Sample Design of our Accessibility Toilet

1.       With sensor CAM for wheelchairs and blind wands, directional speaker, and signal light bulb at the entrance; and Braille plates on the auto-door.

2.       The hand wash basin is directly in front of the entrance (essential during the Pandemics); and the baby bed will auto-flip up when required.

3.       Auto-sliding steel handle will move corresponding to the position of the wheelchair and the user.

4.       Two auto-stretchable-armed pads are at the back of the toilet tub to support those in need.

5.       The urinating/bath area is for those on special designed wheelchairs; it is also an essential ECO-friendly element for overnight/overtime work staff to wash and refresh.



Sample Project

The photos below show the toilet of an Hong Kong Home Office

Before the renovation :-

*     A stylish and cozy design one and half decade ago, became a necessity in 2019 Pandemics

*     A typical Hong Kong apartment with single toilet, with a standard wash basin, a toilet tub, a standing bath tub; and its 22”-width entrance is inside the kitchen and the owner has to go through the kitchen door before entering the toilet


After the renovation :-

*     The owner can now drive the wheelchair from the home entrance to the toilet’s wash basin directly in a straight path

*     According to the owner is getting old and sitting on wheelchair, there is no more cooking and the kitchen door is removed; a semi-circular toilet entrance is designed so as to conserve space and facilitate the turnaround movement of the wheelchair, and the entrance is widen to 1m for the owner’s wheelchair to go through smoothly

*     Folding door is used which can be operated manually or automatically depending on the health condition of the owner

*     The original standard toilet tub is replaced by a wheelchair-person’s toilet tub

*     2 auto-stretchable armed pads are installed at the back of the toilet tub to support the owner’s waist, back, shoulder, and neck

*     The auto-sliding handle is moved according to the wheelchair position automatically, it is tailor-made according to the owner’s habit, who has gotten used to rely on the wash basin table for propping and support before the renovation

*     The standing bath tub is removed and the bathing area is re-designed so the owner now can even bathe while sitting on the wheelchair


*  Remark :- The large and tall TV cabinet is replaced by a small and short one for widening of the toilet entrance and installation of the semi-circular folding door



Another Example

{ Being Updated }




Please contact us if you would like to have an Accessibility Toilet Design or Toilet Renovation.




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