According to the death of a company shareholder, the business of this company will be stopped at Feb 23, 2023. 

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Interior Design


Computer designed models are used nowadays in every industry to enable users to view the products and ideas virtually before the actual productions are carried out.  Our company adopted this approach and each of our customers would have our plan view designs and 3D computer models before the start of renovation work.


Please contact us for any renovation or decoration work, and our company would provide you professional recommendations, designs, and quality work as you expected.


Latest Highlight


*  One more accessible shop design project will be shown on this page soon *

*  Whether you want to have a professional interior design for the office, the home, and any venues, please contact us *



Portfolio of our Interior Design project

sales & marketing office

*      Minimize the blockage of daylight shine in from the glass walls, all staff enjoy the daylight and save energy

*      Guiding tiles for blind people are laid between the 2 exits of the office, and to the essential spots such as pantry and conference room

*      With at least 1.5m wide access paths to all desks, most types of wheelchair can go through and turn around smoothly

A multi-functional groups office

*     Almost all staff have a window seat, enjoy the daylight, and save energy

*     Spacious for each room so that group meeting can be held

*     With guiding tiles for the blind people, 1.5m wheelchair access path as eco-friendly standards

A trendy presentation room

*     With the theatre-type broadcast system

*     With an 80” 8K TV

*     With the table and seating designed so that there is no sight blockage of any audience

*     With 2 layers of curtain (dark grey inside and green outside) for the 3-side walls and the ceiling

A cyber office

*     No or fewer paper documents, neat and tidy

*     Free style, may be no partition is required

A traditional office

*     With an appropriate design of the reception area for an office of such size

*     With a spacious pantry area for staff to dine and rest

An home office

*     A stylish and cozy design one and half decade ago, became a necessity in 2019 Pandemics

*     A typical Hong Kong apartment with single toilet, see its renovation with a modern standard Accessibility Toilet with the essential eco-friendly elements

An accessible shop

( Being Updated )



An home

*     An Hong Kong household unit that worth about 20 million Hong Kong dollars

*     Plants and flowers were adopted by our company one and half decade ago in our Interior Design work

Go to view the Design of our An ECO Workplace” project.


Go to explore our “A Sea-Side ECO Workplace” project.


Take a look at our Booth Design projects. 


Please contact us if you would like to have a booth design for an exhibition or event soon in the future.



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