According to the death of a company shareholder, the business of this company will be stopped at Feb 23, 2023. 

For any outstanding issues with this company, please contact :-

-         Mr. Law Wai Pui

-         WhatsApp :- 98278744

-         e-Mail :-

-         Mobile Phone :- 46207934

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About Us


In June 2002, Artery Systems Ltd. was set up as an IT system integrator to help customers to build up computer networks (cable LAN and Wi-Fi system) and websites.


To cope with technological advancement, and to enable users to work in a modern working environment, our company now is focusing on building 10G/100G secured Computer Network for users and help customers to upgrade their 1G networks to 10G/100G, and upgrade the old wireless networks to the latest Wi-Fi 6 standard.


In Design area, our company has designed the below 2 ECO Workplace projects recently according to the trend of building a green, sustainable, and harmonious world :-

1.     An ECO Workplace (a company with 3 offices and a workshop)

2.     A Sea-Side ECO Workplace (which is a signature food ECO factory with a beautiful sunset view)

Please visit our Design web page for details.


Our company also has 2 specialized design businesses - one on Booth Design to help customers to have their products stand out in exhibition events, and one on Accessibility Toilet Design to enhance the quality of life of those in need and to raise the living standard of the community. 


Traditionally, our company has the Interior Design business by using SketchUp to help customers to design their offices, shops, and homes. 


For Website Design, now our company is focus on creating website with Content Management System (CMS) for customers so that their authorized staff can modify the web pages and update the content without the reliance on the IT company or the IT staff.  Please contact us for a demo.

Latest Highlight


*  The next Monthly Highlight on the 10G/100G network will be shown on Feb 17, 2023 *


*  The next Design project of a hybrid site including both traditional and avant-garde elements with the sustainable ECO standard of “Carbon Zero” will be shown later *


Contact Us

🌐 WhatsApp :- 98278744

🌐 e-Mail :-

🌐 Mobile Phone :- 46207934

🌐 Address :- Rm 811 Tsim Sha Tsui Ctr East Wing, 66 Mody Rd TST East, Kowloon HK

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          👍 Artery 10g/100g Office Network - 提升辦公室網絡速度到 10g/100g

          👍 Artery Design - 提升生活質素 - 加建一個沐浴企缸和一個抽水馬桶

          👍 Artery Systems Booth Design - 動脈系統展覽攤位設計

          👍 Artery Interior Design (動脈室內設計)

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          👍 Artery 10G/100G Office Network

          👍 Artery 設計 - 加建一個沐浴企缸和一個抽水馬桶 - 提升生活質素

          👍 Artery Systems Booth Design


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