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Design of “A Sea-Side ECO Workplace”


Our “A Sea-Side ECO Workplace” green sustainable design project is an ECO food factory for production of the signature foods of a chained cafe.  The 30m x 30m area ECO factory is located at sea side with beautiful sunset view. 


1.      The design is based on the main aim of modern building design that the building itself is of “Carbon Zero” emission.

2.      The hygienic standard of the food factory is up to the modern form with the essential anti-Pandemics measures.

3.    Care and Concerns of an Inclusive Community are included in the design of this sea-side ECO workplace.

Latest Highlight


*   The next design project of a hybrid site including both traditional and avant-garde elements with the sustainable ECO standard of “Carbon Zero” will be shown later *


Summary of our “A Sea-side ECO Workplace” project


The green sustainable design of this ECO signature food factory consists of 4 layers :-


Layer 1 :- Trees

Trees are designed to be planted on the northern side and southern side of the building.  Together with the 3 separated toilets at each side, the delivery truck path and the walking alley at the northern and southern side respectively, wind flowing paths are created and there is nice cooling effect on the 2 sides of the building. 


Layer 2 :- Accessibility

l An accessibility toilet has been designed to be put at northern and southern side respectively at the beginning of the project; and they are open to the public as an ECO-friendly community service.  The accessibility toilet design is the same as that in our Instagram ( post at Feb 2021. 

l As the rooftop farm and the upper section of the cafe are open to public visit, the wheelchair ramp with entrance at the north is designed with the guiding tiles for the blind. 

l The lift at the south is also designed for accessing the rooftop farm and the upper section of the cafe; and together with the staircase next to the cafe, the 3 modern ECO-friendly facilities (ramp, lift, staircase) in a multi-storey building are included. 


Layer 3 :- Structure (which includes 3 tiers)

-     Tier 1 : Sanitation Oriented

      The delivery truck path is basically a straight path divided into 3 sections :-

*     The first zone is for product input.  Just passing the wheelchair ramp is the entrance of the cleaning room of the factory where all the products delivered will be cleaned and sanitized before storage.

*     The second zone is for disinfection of the delivery trucks/cars.  Any truck or car passed should be sanitized externally and internally. 

*     The third zone is for loading of the food cabinets onto the trucks and then distribute to different cafes.

      The Cleaning Room is for :-

*     processing all the incoming delivered farm produce and sea food, cleaning all the packages of the ingredients and other food stuff; then distribute them to the disinfection chamber before storage or sending to the kitchen.

*     cleaning of the returned food delivery cabinets, then distribute them to the disinfection chamber before loading of the signature foods to be delivered to different branch cafes. 

*     cleaning of the dishes, glasses, and utensils of the Sunset Cafe outside; the washed dishes, glasses and utensils will then be put into the disinfection cabinet carts before delivery back to the Cafe.

      The Kitchen :-

*     consists of 2 disinfection chamber entrances where all food stuff, utensils and staff would be sanitized.

*     is divided into 2 sections : one is for processing raw/semi-raw meat and fish, and the other section is for processing other types of food; there is an disinfection chamber passage between the 2 sections.

*     there are glass plates to separate each chef’s table from others in order to address the anti-Pandemics standard requirements.

*     each section has one loading point for a chef to put the signature food onto the belt inside the delivery belt disinfection chamber for the packaging room staff to unload; another chef can only load when the food on the belt is offloaded.

      Packaging and Distribution :-

*     The Packaging Room staff will unload the food on the delivery belt, pack and put them either into the warm/heated delivery cabinet or the cool/freezing delivery cabinet (the chef of each signature food set its storage temperature).

*     The loaded food cabinets will then be pushed into an intermediary disinfection chamber passage before either getting into the Distribution Room for the pickup by the delivery truck, or getting directly to the Sunset Cafe outside. 

*     It has been designed that the food cabinets can be pushed up onto the delivery trucks directly and easily with minimal air exposure time, and the trucks can go straightly forward out to the road. 


-     Tier 2 : Modern Rooftop Farming Oriented

    Nutrient Fluid Planting Room is on top of the lower section of the wheelchair ramp, and sunlight shines into the room from different sides of openings and the glass walls and roof.  Its openings would be closed when typhoon comes.  The breeds of plants chosen are for the semi-enclosure environment with direct sunshine.  Each planting cart in the room consists of 3 layers at front and behind for different plants in each season; e.g. the Golden Berry, and a fragrant herb leaf are used by the chefs in this season’s signature dishes. 

    Nutrient Gel Planting Room is on top of the delivery truck driveway, and sunlight shines into the room from different sides of openings and the glass walls and roof.  Its openings would be closed when typhoon comes.  It is designed for climbing plants, and the Gel is to be re-filled only 1 or 2 times each season.  A breed of green pea planted this season is used by the chefs in the signature dishes. 

    Traditional organic soil planting tanks are allocated at the centre of the roof; and between each pair of the planting tanks stores their cover plates for controlling the amount of rain and sunlight that the plant/crop will receive, but keeping the smooth airflow of the tanks.  The planting tanks are of different heights for different plants/crops that require different soil depths, and for the easiness of the staff’s work.  There are different kinds of ordinary soil-grown produce at each season; e.g. a breed of sweet and juicy mini-carrot is being used by the chefs in the signature dishes.


-     Tier 3 : “Treasured the Nature” Oriented

    One of the natural gems of this sea-side ECO workplace is its sunset view, so part of the area is set up as the branch “Sunset Cafe” to share the beautiful view and the signature dishes to the community and the tourists.

    There is wind blowing from different directions at different weather conditions, so 2 wind turbines are installed at the 2 corners of this sea-side ECO workplace.  The turbines are designed that it will rotate automatically to the corresponding direction of the wind by its own mechanical structure, so that electricity can be generated and collected round the clock with the highest efficiency.


Layer 4 :- Sustainable ECO-Friendly Elements

     Food Supply

*     Rooftop farming does help in providing food in areas of poor land farm conditions.  The roof of this sea-side ECO workplace is actually a modern rooftop farm booth consisting of the traditional organic soil planting containers, the trendy nutrient-fluid planting house, and the innovated nutrient-gel planting house.  Visitors are able to taste the food with this farm booth’s produce as ingredients made by some chefs at the small cafe area next to the booth. 

*     Some visitors and community citizens would treasure their food more after seeing how the food is produced, from the farm to the plate in front of them. 

*     Rooftop farming offers variety of food choices in areas of land farm/weather that are only suitable for limited number of crops/plants. 

     Food Sanitation

*     As a signature food factory of a chained cafe, food sanitation is emphasized to ensure the health of the community citizens and visitors.  Sanitation chambers are adopted at different stages of the food production process in this sea-side ECO workplace.

*     For transportation and delivery, each signature food will be kept inside the corresponding container within the sanitized delivery cabinet with the temperature and humidity set by the chefs.  It makes sure that the status of the foods and their sanitation status are maintained at the best condition when the foods are delivered to the branch cafes.

     Green Electricity

*     Sometimes electricity supply from power plant may be interrupted by tsunami, flooding, earthquake, landslide, war bombing, lack of fuel, etc. and the wind turbines do help under such circumstances.  The wind turbines installed at this sea-side ECO workplace work round the clock at its maximum efficiency with wind from any direction using its own auto-rotation mechanical structure; and if one turbine is down in the disaster while the other one still works, then there is electricity for emergent use.  This is crucial to any community. 

*     The green electricity generated by the wind turbines, together with the rooftop farm of this sea-side ECO workplace are 2 essential elements in modern buildings for the target of a carbon neutral globe. 

     Inclusive Community Model

*     Public use of the food factory’s toilet, installation of a full set of guiding-tile paths for the blind people, sharing of the beautiful sunset view with the community and the visitors, readiness of ramp, lift, and staircase for people to access the facilities, and to set sanitation of food as the top priority to serve the community are all the elements of this project to aim at an inclusive community model. 

*     Preparation for the community under contingencies by setting up the rooftop farm, and the installation of the mechanical wind turbines locally that work round the clock.




Photos of our “A Sea-side ECO Workplace”

Project Aim

A Carbon Neutral “lnclusive Community Model” Hygenic Food Factory (Project Photo)

Layer 1


Trees (Photo 1/33)



Cooling Effect at Northern Side (Photo 2/33)



Cooling Effect at Southern Side (Photo 3/33)

Layer 2


Accessibility-Toilet (Photo 4/33)



Wheelchair Ramp at Entrance with Guiding Path for the Blind (Photo 5/33)



Lift and Staircase Connecting the 2 Floors (Photo 6/33)

Layer 3

Architectural Tier 1

(Sanitation Oriented)

Delivery Truck Path (Photo 7/33)


Cleaning Room

Cleaning of Input Ingredients and Packages (Photo 8/33)



Cleaning of Food Delivery Cabinets (Photo 9/33)



Cleaning of Tableware and Utensils of Sunset Cafe” (Photo 10/33)



2 Disinfection Chamber Kitchen Entrances (Photo 11/33)



Kitchen with 2 Sections (Photo 12/33)



Kitchen with Anti-Pandemics Measures (Photo 13/33)



Food Delivery Belt Disinfection Chamber (Photo 14/33)


Pack & Distribute

Food Loading onto to Food Delivery Cabinets from the Belt (Photo 15/33)



An Intermediary Disinfection Chamber Passage to Distribute (Photo 16/33)



Optimized Distribution Workflow Design (Photo 17/33)

Layer 3

Architectural Tier 2

(Modern Rooftop Farming Oriented)

A Modern Rooftop Farm (Photo 18/33)


Organic Soil Planting Containers (Photo 19/33)


Nutrient-Fluid Planting Semi-Enclosure Glass House (Photo 20/33)


Nutrient-Gel Planting Semi-Enclosure Glass House (Photo 21/33)


Some Signature Dishes with this Farms Produces as Ingredients (Photo 22/33)

Layer 3

Architectural Tier 3

(“Treasured the Nature” Oriented)

Sunset View Sharing with Community and Visitors (Photo 23/33)


Green Electricity by Round-the-Clock Mechanical Wind Turbines (Photo 24/33)

Layer 4

Sustainable ECO Elements

Food Supply

3 Rooftop Farming Methods (Photo 25/33)



Treasure Our Food More (Photo 26/33)



Variety of Food Choices (Photo 27/33)


Food Sanitation

Sanitation and Disinfection Chambers at Workflow Stages (Photo 28/33)



Sanitary Delivery Cabinets in Food Industry (Photo 29/33)


Green Electricity

Non-Interrupted Local Community Mechanical Wind Turbine (Photo 30/33)



2 Carbon Neutral Globe Elements (Photo 31/33)


Inclusive Community Model

An Inclusive Community Model (Photo 32/33)



Preparation for Community under Contingencies (Photo 33/33)

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