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Design of “An ECO Workplace”


According to the world trend of building a green, sustainable, and harmonious environment, recently our company has designed 2 ECO projects :-

1.   An ECO Workplace (which is shown by the Summary and 18 photos below)

2.      A Sea-Side ECO Workplace (which is a signature food ECO factory with a beautiful sunset view)

Latest Highlight


*  The next design project of a hybrid site including both traditional and avant-garde elements with the sustainable ECO standard of “Carbon Zero” will be shown later *

Summary of our “An ECO Workplace” project

Our design concept of this ECO Workplace project started with a 60m x 60m floor plan and based on 4 layers of design :-

1.    Trees (Layer 1)

-  Decide the location and number of trees in the site that will fit to the building, and try our best to achieve “Carbon Zero” of the Workplace itself.

2.    Accessibility (Layer 2)

-  Two pairs of Accessibility Toilets are put at the 2 ends of a diagonal axis of the Workplace.  The toilets are open to the public as a modern ECO workplace should link to the community and be interactive with the people.  (Go to our Accessibility Toilet Design page to view the photos and design concept of the toilet)

-  The main path guides for the blind are set first, so that any blind people would not get lost once they are in the Workplace proximity. 

-  Car parks and wheelchair parks are designed so as to facilitate the disabled to access different facilities of the Workplace in the easiest way.

3.    Structure (Layer 3), which include 3 tiers :-

A.     Architectural Structure

- Glass walls with anti-UV coating are used so as to make use of the day light and save energy

- Wind flow paths are designed among the 3 departmental offices and 1 workshop so as to cool the whole workplace and save energy

- Rain is collected, stored, and filtered to be used in the 4 gold fish tanks which act as the ceiling of the 3 departmental offices and the workshop; the natural resource is being well used as excellent heat insulation, and visitors would be attracted and come back to watch the gold fishes

B.     Humanitarian Structure

- A cafe is added to the Workplace which is open to the public and serves as an interactive media between the office and the community

- A shop run by people on wheelchairs is added next to the cafe, the disabled and disadvantaged groups in society should live with dignity

- A small area adjacent to the shop and cafe is designed as the playground/garden for the pets, where the pets and children, the office and the community would enjoy their time

- Gold fish tanks are used to enclose the centre portion of the workshop which is a highly confidential area; all people are able to enter the workshop to watch the gold fish, or buy a cup of coffee in the cafe and sit down in the workshop for the joyful tea time

C.        ECO Sustainable Structure

- Solar cell plates are installed on the roof of the offices and that of the corridor between the cafe and the shop, together with the eco-elements mentioned in the “architectural structure” section above, so as to achieve the aim of the modern design of a workplace - Carbon Zero

- In addition to the office staff, all other community citizens and visitors are enjoying their time in this green Workplace, with pets, birds and fishes to have a daily harmony life

4.    ECO Friendly Elements (Layer 4)

-  For energy conservation and emergency, all office auto-doors are with 4 push/pull handles and Braille plates for people with varying heights

-  The office building eaves’ upper layer and lower layer is not sealed in order to allow birds to rest and nest; the birds will do the choreography among the trees, the banner poles, and the eaves in the evening symphony for you while you are enjoying a cup of coffee

-  To facilitate the people on wheelchair to run the shop, remote controlled product carts on ground tracks are used, and the carts can reach the entrances of the cafe and pet’s land for more business

-  Tables and chairs are around the Workplace, and people can buy some food and drinks from the cafe and sit down to relax

-  The design of the Pet’s Land is to facilitate the children to play together with their pets while the adults would enjoy their leisure time

-  The upper platform of the Pet’s Land is linked to the 3 entrances :- one with lift, one with staircase, and one with ramp - an essential element in a modern ECO workplace



The Photos of our “An ECO Workplace”

Project Aim


Carbon Zero



Layer 1

Photo 1




Layer 2

Photo 2




Layer 3


Photo 3

Use Daylight

Photo 4

Use Windflow

Photo 5

Collect Rain




Layer 3


Photo 6


Photo 7

Care the Weak

Photo 8

Pet & Child

Photo 9




Layer 3


Photo 10

Green Energy

Photo 11






Layer 4

Photo 12

Show Concern

Photo 13

Gem of Nature

Photo 14


Photo 15


Photo 16

Joy & Leisure

Photo 17


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Interior Design of some parts of the departmental offices of this An ECO Workplace” project.


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