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Booth Design


Today when you go to an exhibition, you will find that except for a few companies with large display area will have unique booth design; all other booths are with the same rectangular cylindrical display space, the same static wooden structure, the same banner, the same font on the banner and other display materials, and the same design tone on all other aspects. 


A booth is actually a mini-stage for you to show your company culture, demo your products, show the advantages and design concepts of your products, and provide a platform for customers to touch and play with your products freely which is one of the major advantages over the virtual web platform. 


You can impress your customers and attract the attention of your potential customers when they walk down the exhibition hall by showing them your sincerity by including the above elements in your booth design. 


For example, in a new car show when the manufacturer states that the car engine power has been improved, the customer must be able to start the engine so as to compare that with the previous model or the one he is driving; when the manufacturer states that the suspension system has been advanced for your comfort, the customer must be able to have 10 minutes’ trial drive immediately; and when the self-driving car manufacturer claims that its self-driving system is perfect, the customer must be allowed to pick his own way for the 10 minutes’ trial drive.


Latest Highlight


*   For professional booth design for different categories of product, service, and venue site, please contact us *

Booth Example 1


*     This booth shows the variety of items that the company can design with the SketchUp software, ranging from electronic gadgets, industrial products, and interior design, etc. 

*     Any customer walks across the booth can try to play with the software freely and view the other design projects casually on the 2 computers at the front. 

*     If customers want to know more and would like to spend more time on their interested areas, they can just sit down comfortably on the chairs to explore and study the designs and the software freely. 

*     The openness and customer-oriented booth with the colorful and vibrant design tone facilitated the interaction with the customers.



Booth Example 2


*     One of the scenarios of the booth shown in the banner of this page which is an ECO-green jewellery collection exhibition for birthdays at different stages of life

*     Participants could freely take a glass of champagne and a cake while enjoying the show to explore and study the design of the jewelleries

*     Role play is available for taking photographs with the models and animal stars, and the customers may also try to wear some of them before buying

*     Customers certainly would come back to the company at their birthdays for this impressive joyous experience



Booth Example 3

*     A “modern rooftop farm booth” (30m x 30m)

*     In this booth, traditional organic soil farming, the trendy nutrient-fluid farming, and the innovated nutrient-gel farming methods are included.

*     Rooftop farming does help in providing food, and providing variety of food choices in areas of poor land farm conditions.

*     Some visitors would certainly treasure their food more after seeing how the food is produced, from the farm to the dish on the table.







A carnival camp site, an office building site, and a community actually are booths and our company would also carry out design in these areas.


Please contact us if you would like to have a booth design for an exhibition or event soon in the future.



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